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04-Oct-2017 13:25

John Conyers announced his retirement from Congress after several women came forward with sexual harassment charges against him.

Hes 88 years old and the longest serving Representative in Congress. The younger, Conyers, 27, would be a first-time political candidate.

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The younger Conyerss wife, Monica Conyers, was sentenced to more than three years in prison for taking cash in 2010, as a Detroit council member, to support a Houston companys sludge contract with the city.

" Thanks Rodney for being our local sign comedian and turning me into "Dr. She used them to decorate for our Christmas this year. The memories are the gifts that those who have passed leave us.

If it all worked out, we had our entire family together for Christmas this year.

The gap in between offered Nick the opportunity to come home, if all goes as planned. If it all goes well, hell take the 20 hour flight home beginning Thursday our time and arriving sometime Friday afternoon.

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He will actually leave on Friday morning, his time, and arrive Friday afternoon, our time. For the past six months, we had believed we wouldnt see Nick until maybe Peace Treaty of 2018. Nick spent his last Christmas in Great Lakes, IL in bootcamp.North Korea is still rattling a saber at us by launching more ICBMs into the sea of Japan.

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Then look at thecompetition, the profiles that come up when the opposite sex looks forsomeone like you. (It’s easy to change them.) Try something upbeat orinformative (Funny Guy, NYCBlonde). You’re here to meet people and make aconnection—and so is everyone else. There’s room to mention your hopes and feelings—in fact, it’shighly recommended—but go easy on flowery words and poetry (unless,that is, you’re a poet). Use yourprofile to talk honestly about your values and the things that areimportant to you. Talk about what you like instead of what you don’t. When it comes to describing yourself—andwho you’re looking for—bring up just the three or four qualities thatreally matter to you.… continue reading »

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