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19-Nov-2017 10:57

- Riverina Motor & Engineering Works Rosebery - Rosebery Engine Works/ Westinghouse Rosebery Simplex - Thomas S Keely Simplex - Hall, Hardman & Craig Simplex - Simplex Motor Co Simplex - Hardman & Hall Sunbeam - Sunbeam Corporation Swinnerton Weston - AJ Swinnerton Tasman - Tasman Marine Products Tasman - Tasman Engineering Co Tasman - Davis Engineering Co Tasman - Cameron & Sutherland Terrier - Industrial Engines P/LThornycroft ?- Thornycroft Australia Tiger - Victa Ltd Tillico - JE Tilly Tillico - William Adams Titan - Pursehouse & Pond Triton - Boat Supplies P/LUnion ?I had heard about the Australian-built Wee Mac Gregor drag saw many years ago, and was assured that the engine was imported. Looking at photos on the internet, I see the WMc G is not like either.What it is like is the Canadian WMc G, which, to my shame, I just discovered.Wanted any vintage/antique Lister stationary engines, diesel or petrol, any condition is ok.I will buy complete engines running or not running, parts engines or a just few parts only.These would look perfect on either side of a driveway entry like cart wheels. I will remove this ad within 24hrs of the item selling. Cool old stationary engine in as-is condition, suitable for garden ornament. Other old stationary engine are available as well as tons of other cool vintage rustic stuff, to veiw the rest of my ads click on my name. Good compression and looks to be in great survivor order direct from the farm.

mine was originally low tension ignition but was changed to high tension igniton like the other one has as the LT igniton system was a failure. This is engine number (1)and the only tank cooled Wombat as the others (about 10)were all hopper cooled of which I had a couple.

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