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I told him magpapa-cater na lang ako para less hassle and para hindi mahirapan naman masyado yung mga helpers namin. However, after mass kanina, I bought up the subject again. Thus, in legal parlance, voluntary resignation is also called “termination by employee just cause.” Resignation letter normally contains explicit words expressing employee’s intention to terminate his employment. The common practice of allowing an employee to resign, instead of terminating him for just cause so as not to smear his employment record, also fall under the category of voluntary resignation. The employee may resign for whatever reason, or even for no reason at all. Resignation notice usually takes the form of a letter (commonly called “resignation letter”) addressed to the employer, expressing the employee’s intention to terminate his employment. The notice of resignation must be in writing and must be served to the employer at least one month prior to the effective date of his resignation.There is no provision in the Labor Code which grants separation pay to voluntarily resigning employees.

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Alvin was outnumbered so there, magpaparty kami with catering on Saturday. It does not cover cases where the employee is forced to resign with the use of threats, intimidation, coercion or manipulation, or where resignation is imposed as a penalty for an offense. It may also contain the reason or justification of the employee for filing his resignation, although legally, this is not important.

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