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Because narrow is the gate and hard is the way which leadeth unto life and few there be that find it."That is a provocative statement by our Lord.

That is really the point to which He has been driving in all of the first part of this great, masterful sermon.

In John chapter 6 we read that many followed Jesus, many called themselves disciples but in it says that many of them turned their backs and followed Him no more. "To every man there openeth a way and ways and a way and the high soul treads the high way and the low soul gropes the low and in between on the misty flats the rest drift to and from But to every man there openeth a high way and a low and every man decideth the way that he shall go." So our Lord here confronts men with a decision, he says a choice must be made.

one writer says it's make up your mind time on the mountain.

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And I believe there are many people who take the characteristics of the Sermon on the Mount and its demands and push them off to the future kingdom, I don't think that's what Jesus wanted either.That choice is the one to which our Lord speaks in these verses. Now it has always been God's effort to bring man to the making of that ultimate choice, always.