Lonely nude dating sites

28-Jul-2017 17:31

But it's not necessarily what most women are after.

For me, in my 50s, the idea of taking my clothes off in front of a man who wasn't my husband was absolutely terrifying.

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Greater economic independence and the fact that 50 no longer spells the end of the road for women are just two of the reasons for the ever- spirallingdivorce rate among older couples.

Whether it's with the help of a nip and tuck or Botox, or less drastically a sensible diet and exercise regime, we can still turn heads after 50.

And if the menopause proves tricky to navigate, there's always HRT to help us through.

'For a year,' she says, 'I fooled around, sleeping with more than ten men.

'I didn't always use protection - caught without any, in the heat of the moment, I threw caution to the wind.Then I discovered I had chlamydia.' You'd be forgiven for assuming that Judy is an irresponsible 20- something, heedless of the consequences of her actions.

Long gone are the days when the ideal woman was the domestic, stay-at-home type - now men believe the ultimate woman is a strong, sexy executive.… continue reading »

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Talk about whether or not going to dinner tonight fits within your budget, for example.… continue reading »

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