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26-Dec-2017 14:13

Even though there's no nutmeg or cinnamon noted, it kinda smells like that! I imagine a sophisticated, elegant type of guy wearing this at a date night.

Perfume 9.5/10 Sillage 9/10 Longevity 10/10 I get a lot of vanilla with blackberry and sandalwood undertones. But the vanilla is too sweet here that it makes the scent flat because other notes are hard to detect. But for me Addict is not really seductive as people usually describe it.

I've been waiting until the end of the month to review this since it was on my November perfume tray. The bottle is very, very old and it was her aunt's in the past.

It is a little less than half full and part of me wants to wear it all of the time while the other part of me wants to save it because I don't want to ever run out.

This is a boozy, rich, slightly medicinal vanilla scent.

Some parts of it reminds me of Alien Essence Absolue, but not ambery or full of jasmine. It is so comforting during these cooler months and makes me smile. I LOVE this stuff, but I've only tried the original formulation.

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Sex100 xx

It just sits annoyingly on the top and assaults my sinuses.

As to the scent itself, basically it’s a very sweet spicy vanilla. There are so many perfumes I like, even ones I claim to love on my Love-Like-Dislike lists, but this is gorgeous.

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