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04-Dec-2017 12:07

I had been dating the same girl for years and our relationship was entering the next phase, which was engagement.She never knew of, and still doesn't of what happened between me and my mother. I also figured it wasn't a great idea to be planning a wedding while porking your mother on the side.I stand 6'1, weigh approximately 180 lbs and have short brown hair.My mother, nearing 65 years old, is 5'3 and weighs approximately 150 lbs.Some, actually most, would say she can stand to lose a good deal of weight.That may indeed be true but her 34DD's and wide ass beg to differ, at least in my mind.I have had strong feelings for my mother for as long as I can remember.They likely started when I was in high school and began to take notice of the opposite sex.

Because my mother was so conservative, in my mind, incest was always going to be a forbidden taboo and one that played out in my mind only.

I am living proof that incest isn't always a bad thing, especially when it is between consenting adults.

For my mother and I, it has been the ultimate expression of our love for each other.

To this day, she insists that me and my father are the only two men she has slept with.

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Despite that, it was hard to not to take note of my mom.While I have only 'been' with my mother four times, each time is better than the prior.

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