Celebrity blind dating show Bisex chat room

05-Aug-2017 04:09

Clichés, pick-up lines, and the corniest things you’ve ever heard fly across the stage in attempts to tickle the ears and other body parts of the lucky four celebrities.

Depending on who is in the chairs, there is a varied amount of room for sleaziness—while Pauly loved the girl who just got a stripper pole in her bedroom to exercise, Jeremy Bloom was all about the girl who liked to hang out with her grandma.

It is then the celebrities’ turn to woo, which they are no rookies at, given their just-below-A-list statuses.

While Pauly D described himself as “fun, ambitious, and trustworthy,” Romeo attempted to work his magic by remarking that looking at his contestant was “Better than looking at a Picasso.” The ladies were wooed in both cases, though the second girl probably shouldn’t have bought it because the most famous Picassos look like this.

The celebrity cast seemed to have been carefully chosen to present such a variety, which was a good thing because it left a chance for the small percentage of contestants who didn’t give hints about their love for giving oral sex.

The “blind” portion of the dating show can, from here forward, completely be tossed out the window, since the girls who least appeal to the celebrities physically can simply be eliminated within the next two rounds.

This latter aim is an ironic one because the show very obviously fails to achieve its don’t-judge-a-book-by-its-cover facade.

First off, the pre-show contestant selection process seems to weed out anything-but-decent looking people, all who have clearly put a lot of effort into their appearances.

The show, which is due to launch in November, is being preceded by a mini-series, if you can call it that, to be rolled out on social media from June 26 until July 11.I proceeded to watch is a parody of NBC’s more viable show).The concept of the dating show is essentially to give “regular” people the chance to have a dream date with a celebrity, based off of their personality and not their looks.Life or death questions like “Would you rather eat a bag of jalapeños or drink a beer that someone just dropped a cigarette into?

” and stress-inducing demands like “Tell me a joke” put the girls on the spot as they stutter over their words.one Thursday night after seeing Ingrid Michaelson tweet about it.