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Those with the greatest known relevance are as follows: In place of the hopper that would normally feed paper into a press of this design, there is a large section of machinery (comprising almost half the total size of SCP-318), including a hinged-lidded box constructed of oak (specifically [REDACTED]), bearing a bronze plaque displaying the word "MATERIA" and has interior dimensions of approximately 1.83 m (six feet) long and 0.91 m (three feet) square.A second box, one eighth the dimensions of the first (to six significant figures), is located where the output would normally be on a press of similar design and bears a plaque reading "SENTENTIA".However, some staff have through prolonged interaction displayed sympathy towards SCP-318-1 subjects - such individuals should be transferred to nonsentient SCP items, or terminated if a transfer is not feasible.Addendum 318-01: SCP-318 was recovered by Foundation agents on ██/██/20██, in ███████, █████.Subjects stored on instances of SCP-318-1 report the ability to feel the scroll as if it were their body, expressing a corresponding form of pain when the paper is cut, torn, burned, [DATA EXPUNGED], or otherwise distressed.

The dowel and paper appear entirely normal, though testing reveals the presence of human DNA (matching that of converted subject) present in the paper.SCP-318 remains active for approximately five (5) minutes per use, with exact time seemingly dependent upon the body mass and physical condition of the subject.

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