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Mary called her a “ballet warrior” and said excitedly, “Ballet is going to have a huge voice this season.” Amelia Lowe Contemporary Despite struggling through many of the choreographing rounds in Vegas, Amelia possessed a look and presence that the judges couldn’t ignore.

She brought the judges to tears with her expressive solos.

Let’s hope he has more than just a bag of tricks and can handle the other dance genres.

Cyrus “Glitch” Spencer Hip Hop, Popping Cyrus has no formal training, but he’s gracious and a hard worker.

George Lawrence II Contemporary “There are people who are born to dance…you are one of them,” Debbie Allen told George Lawrence II in Vegas.

Everything about George Lawrence screams star; so much so that Nigel said, “If every light in this studio went out, you, sir, would still shine.” Nick Bloxsom-Carter Ballroom Daniel Baker Ballet This Australian born dancer put his ballet career on hold and took a risk in auditioning for .

The Salt Lake City duo, self-titled “Team Ballroom”, slammed through every round in Vegas Week and Whitney, despite her young age, oozed sensuality and precise technical abilities.

Lindsay Arnold Ballroom “We are only looking for one ballroom lady,” Mary told the close friends.

The two have a similar look and similar style, but the judges couldn’t envision a Top 20 without Audrey in the mix.Lindsay showed poise and looked genuinely thrilled when she heard Whitney was in.But, in true fashion, the judges were simply holding out and, shortly after, told Lindsay she was part of the Top 20 as well.“Two of the hottest tamales we’ve ever had on the show,” Mary said beaming.

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Eliana Girard Ballet, Pole Dance & Aerial With stunning lines and grace, it would have been a shocker if Eliana wasn’t a part of this season’s Top 20.

Nigel was thrilled to see company dancers on the show and is looking forward to a season full of strong ballet dancers.